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2009 netTrekker Fest Event

2009 netTrekker Fest AttendeesHelping customers has always been something that I enjoy. It’s powerful to feel like you are part of someone else’s “team” and you are helping them alleviate some of their “pain points”.

The netTrekker Fest on Thursday was something completely different. We were on a journey together. I learned right along with all of our customers. When everyone came in, there wasn’t much conversation, not many people knew each other.

CIMOur keynotes gave us many new things to think and talk about INCLUDING how we all felt about the idea of going “back to school”. Sharon Draper made us all consider our level of “crispiness” and renew our faith in what we do. Dr. Kari Stubbs of BrainPOP opened many new doors of possibilities – Web 2.0 tools, Global Perspectives, 21st Century Skills and many more as well as our new integration with the fantastic BrainPOP resources. The conversations started to flow… it was amazing!

HarleyfromZooThe Zoo showed us real, engaging ways to get kids asking the questions they need to learn more – and it was FUN!

CIM shared some cool tools that work with netTrekker and all areas of the technology-scape of a school or district. Gotta have those gadgets! Specific examples of how netTrekker supports these and many other types of approaches helped to round out the day with our Round Robin of afternoon sessions.

I am changed… I am inspired… I am renewed… I am ready to roll my sleeves up (even further) and work harder for this area to continue this new buzz of excitement that was generated last week.

This is our “hood” – this region is home to netTrekker – but the netTrekker Family reaches across the whole world. We continue to try to do good things for kids where ever they are. So, as I say to everyone when I sign off… Happy netTrekking!

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  1. Dr. Kari StubbsAugust 18, 2009 at 1:05 pmReply

    Thank you so very much for including me in netTrekker Fest. I connected with many energetic teachers, and was empowered by the experience! Listening to Sharon Draper was a treat, too. BrainPOP is so excited to partner with netTrekker.

  2. Karina LinchAugust 20, 2009 at 10:22 amReply

    Looking forward to a terrific new school year with netTrekker. You have a wonderful team and it shows in your product. When companies like BrainPOP and netTrekker partner, students and teachers clearly benefit!

  3. Allisyn LevyAugust 20, 2009 at 10:37 amReply

    Yay! We have been getting such great feedback on BrainPOP & neTrekker’s partnership. Great way to kick off a new school year together!

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