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March 30, 2010netTrekkerTraining0

earth April 22, 2010 marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.  Recently we featured an article about ways to get fit, eat well, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  These same principles apply to taking care of our environment.

Huddle your family around the computer and visit the H2Ouse to travel room-by room and through the yard to learn about simple ways to conserve water in and around your home.  Simple tasks like watering the lawn in the evening and recycling aluminum cans are easy and won’t cost you a penny.  In fact, over time you may save a plenty!

Understanding conservation is an academic standard that falls in the elementary, middle and high school curricular content.  netTrekker is filled with many great educational resources on this topic for students, teachers and families.

To add excitement to High School Physics, take students to the Teach Engineering activity, The Puck Stops Here.  This challenge demonstrates how physics plays a key role in conserving energy.  Students will work as a team of engineers to design a new efficient puck for the National Hockey League.  Although hockey doesn’t play a major role in promoting conservation, the application of physics to intelligent designs in manufacturing of all types has a huge influence on the amount of energy used on our planet.

And don’t forget to include young children in environmental education.  With early training, they have the most potential to develop life-long habits for helping us Save the Earth.

Caboose is celebrating Earth Day by offering crafts, environmental games and recycling activities specifically designed for kids.

Clean off the picnic table, round up a few children and spend some fun time with them making these great Earth Day Crafts.

Please post a comment to this blog to share any resources, projects, or ideas you, your colleagues, friends, or children have on this important issue.

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