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Warming Up Learning & nT – January 2012

Warming Up The Learning Environment

Well, Winter break is over and everyone is back in the classroom and fully engaged in learning once again, right? If your students aren’t quite back into the swing of the school routine yet, try some of these great ways to get their attention and warm them back up to learning (make sure you log in to netTrekker to access these examples):

As We work our way into the last half of the school year, keeping students warmed up and actively engaged in learning can be super easy with netTrekker’s resources and refinements.

nT & me Archives

nT&Me Archives:  Did you miss one of our nT&Me emails?  No worries – we have an archive available so that you can see all the great tips and resources from previous issues.  The archive is available on our blog.  Each month we will add new content – you can also check out all the other great blog posts like our Site of the Day and Spotlight User stories.  If you are at our blog main page you can also click on nT&Me on the menu bar to get to all the posts in that category.

Connect With Us!

What is your plan to get your students back on task after the winter break – any ‘icebreakers’ you would like to share?  Do you find your students are more engaged by certain types of resources (i.e. videos, interactive, learning games)?  Join us on Facebook for the conversation!

Reading Comprehension & nT – December 2011

Reading Aloud – Riding the Sound Waves to Success

Hearing and ReadingDid you know that netTrekker offers text-to-speech support for all of the content and information in our interface? How does adding auditory support to text-based information benefit learners? The benefits of bringing flat, text-based content to life for learners are numerous…

  • Personalize a student’s experience by converting text to speech to increase comprehension – give them the independence and choice for when to seek assistance with material using the read aloud tool.
  • Improve the skills associated with reading, predicting, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Increase vocabulary by letting students listen to material well above their reading level.
  • Develop imagination, foster curiosity and increase attention span with read aloud.
  • Increase a student’s ability to maintain sustained silent reading.
  • Engage students – listening to information being read aloud is fun!  Leverage the power of a tool that is fun and works like a super booster to literacy at the same time with netTrekker’s Read Aloud.

netTrekker Global Portfolio

Check out some of the great ideas for using Read Aloud with resources in our Global Portfolio collection. Be sure to hover over the item to see the description of how to use the Read Aloud tool most effectively and what settings to pick – launch the resource and turn on the Read Aloud tool and highlight text on the page to begin. 

Connect With Us!

How can the Read Aloud function in netTrekker help you reach more of your literacy objectives with your students?  Are there specific students that you see this tool being more useful for than others?  Join us on Facebook for the conversation!  Share your thoughts on our Facebook wall!

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