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Math Out Loud: Math and the Oral Tradition

 If you are not familiar with Carol Hurst, her books, and her ways of integrating all sorts of content with literature, this will be a good introduction for you. In this article she offers examples of many songs, poems, and folk tales that use numbers, and gives lots of ideas on how to use the songs in math instruction. How many family members did the Farmer in the Dell have in his family? Her ideas for combining different folk tales to make up addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication problems will keep you searching for new ways to entertain your students while they are learning basic math.

In Our Time: Comedy in Ancient Greek Theatre

 BBC Radio gives you the chance to spend a delightful 45 minutes listening to a discussion about ancient Greek theater, focusing on Greek comedy and its role in the analysis of Greek democracy. Aristophanes’ comedies are a hoot, and are truly classics because their themes resonate across the ages into today’s life. If you haven’t read any of Aristophanes’ plays, there are recommendations of translations of his plays, as well as comedies by Menander. Learn the derivation of the word comedy, and find out how comedy developed in ancient Greece.July 15

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