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TVOKids: DSS Dance Mania Games

Dancing is a lot more fun if you are doing more than just wiggling.  Watch videos of twelve different dance steps.  The teen instructor’s primary caution is that you not sit still.  He shows how to do each step as a whole and in a close-up.  You can pause, rewind, and fast forward after you feel like you’ve figured out the step.  He’s a great teacher and fun to watch.  After you are familiar with the steps, choreograph your own dance.  The instructions are clear, and you have lots of choices of steps and music.  After you are finished, watch your creation and follow along.Apr. 7

FunBrain: Guess the Number?

Although this game looks like it should be just a random guessing game, it really takes concentration and attention to the incorrect numbers you’ve picked while trying to guess the correct one.  You have choices of choosing numbers between 1 and 10, 1 and 100, and -1000 and 1000.  As you guess, a chart shows whether your guess is too high or too low.  By knowing that, you can focus in on the correct number.  The catch is that you have only a certain number of guesses.  If you choose to play the hard way, you’ll find out if your guesses are too high or too low, but you’ll have to remember what numbers you’ve picked.  Apr. 4

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