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Neuroscience for Kids: Brain Awareness Week

University of Washington presents this great website just for Brain Awareness Week, March 10-16. If you live in the Seattle area, there are events scheduled throughout the month. The Brain Awareness lessons address six topics related to the brain and nervous system, and there are suggestions on how to use the plan for one day or for the entire week. The Activity A Day link provides information and projects to use for a four-week course of study. The link you’ll want to keep handy all year is the Neuroscience Experiments and Activities page. It is filled with all sorts of ideas to create enthusiasm and learning about neuroscience in kids of all ages.March 11

NOVA Online: Secrets of Making Money

Can you imagine how hard it was to carry around enough coinage to purchase a big-ticket item prior to 1862? The only legal tender backed by the United States up until that time was in the form of coins. In February, 1862, as a way to finance the Civil War, the Legal Tender Act was passed, and the first paper money, the “Greenback” was issued on March 10, 1862. This site from NOVA explores how the Treasury Department and Secret Service strive to keep our paper money hi-tech enough to thwart counterfeiters. After you’ve reviewed how a 100 dollar bill is made, try your hand at spotting a bogus bill.March 10a

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