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Dragonfly TV:  Real Scientists Brian Sidwell and Mike Lowe

 Bicycle riding season is here.  If you don’t already wear a bicycle helmet, after watching this video, you will.  Scientists Brian Sidwell and Mike Lowe design bicycle helmets by experimenting with shape, materials, and durability.  If a helmet doesn’t fit correctly, you might not want to wear it, or it might not protect you well enough.  You want your helmet to last for as long as your head fits in it, so how it stands up to the elements is an important factor in its design.  Watch this video where the two scientists show how they design bicycle helmets, test them, and show how helmets protect the brain in a crash.Apr. 3

Historic Preservation Education:  Architectural History and Building Styles

The study of architectural styles can provide information about the history of a certain historical era.  This tutorial shows several styles of houses from log cabins to the the Georgian Revival house popular at the end of the 19th century and into the 20th.  The homes featured are all grand homes that reflect the residences of the wealthy over the years.  Each style is explained, and, although the vocabulary is very specific to each home, the words are defined within each description.   If you live in a large city, or even in small towns across the Midwest or South, you will find examples of all these styles that certainly deserve to be preserved.

Apr. 2

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