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Tramline: Poet’s Pantry Field Trip

Woo-Hoo, it’s April, National Poetry Month. It’s the time to explore different kinds of poetry, read the works of many different poets, and use poetry across the curriculum. This site is valuable for both students and teachers because links to many sites for finding and writing poetry are gathered in one place. As a student, start the field trip to find out about dozens of poetry forms with examples of each one. You’ll also find humorous poems of Shel Silverstein, Ken Nesbitt, and Jack Prelutsky. Younger students will enjoy the humor in the poems, older students will also enjoy the craft. Teachers will find many resources that emphasize cross-curricular activities.

Asset: Mathactive: Coordinate Geometry

 We can thank Rene´ Decartes for the eponymous Cartesian coordinate system, useful in algebra and geometry. Today is his birthday, so it is appropriate to try out this instructive tutorial that shows you how coordinate geometry works and how easy it really can be. The four-step lesson first introduces you to the apocryphal story of how Descartes came up with his idea. The second step shows how to place coordinates on a grid, and how to write an ordered pair. Once you see how it all works, practice with some problems, and finally show what you’ve learned. You’ll also find the vocabulary words you need to know to talk about coordinate geometry in one place.March 31

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