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Explore a New World of Personalized Learning at ISTE 2010

Are you heading to Denver for the ISTE conference June 27th – 30th?  If so, we know that your time there will be jam-packed with workshops and time spent in the exhibit hall exploring all the latest and greatest in educational technology.  We hope you’ll take some time to visit the netTrekker booth #884 to explore new ways that netTrekker can help you personalize learning for your students.

A few of our ISTE highlights include:

  • An exploration game that will help you learn more about netTrekker and give you a chance to win an Apple iPad!
  • Sneak previews of the new enhancements coming in netTrekker Search for Back-to-School 2010!  Learn how the new enhancements support an even more personalized, productive, and engaging learning experience.
  • A full schedule of  workshops presented by netTrekker subscribers that let you explore netTrekker’s advanced features, hear best practices, get integration tips and strategies, and more.
  • Demos of the new NSTA Learning Center online science professional development content available in netTrekker.

If you’re unable to attend ISTE this year, stay tuned in netTrekker Village for some post-conference highlights.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Denver at the netTrekker booth #884!

What are you looking forward to most at this year’s ISTE conference?

iCan Create an iCon

I splurged yesterday and took the day off to spend with my son and a friend of his at SeaWorld. I let the kids play for a bit in the Happy Harbour, letting the kids get wet and run off their extra energy. While there, I met another teacher from Georgia and we started talking about netTrekker. It happened innocently enough. Her child asked a question about whales, she didn’t know the answer, and I said, “Hey, I can help you look it up.” So there we were, with kids running around splashing and screaming all around us, looking up information about whales on netTrekker using the iPhone and eventually her Droid. (Yep, netTrekker works on the Droid as well!)

How to create a netTrekker shortcut on your iPhone

How to create a netTrekker shortcut on your iPhone

I mentioned in another post that I have netTrekker as a shortcut on my home screen on my iPhone, and I was asked how to do that.  I made a quick set of instructions, including screen shots of how to do this on the iPhone and turned it into an animation. Did you know that you can take a screen shot of your iPhone by holding the sleep button on top and the round home button on the front, bottom of the screen and then let go. It’s pretty easy to do, and great for making tutorials.

To create the animation, I used an online program called Imator. Pretty easy to use for beginners like myself.  Does someone want to create one for the Droid?

I hope the teacher submits a video entry for the ISTE 2010 scholarship.  I told her she could use the example of her son wanting to learn more about whales at SeaWorld.  She seemed pretty excited when I left her filming her video with his flip camera and him on the Droid explaining how he uses netTrekker at school and now on vacation.

Have you submitted your video yet for the ISTE 2010 Scholarship? Deadline is April 16, and ISTE2010 promises to be fantastic, with plenty of opportunities to learn, connect with your PLN and explore the excellence of technology in education!

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