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February 25, 2009netTrekkerCelebrate, Training1
We enjoyed writing our own story using characters from Dr. Seuss.

We enjoyed writing our own story using characters from Dr. Seuss.

By the way, the blog is written in collaboration with Amanda Barton from Content Editors and the entire Customer Relations Team. My name is Danielle Abernethy, the main voice of the blog. I am a former military BRAT, and once lived in Bitburg, Germany. On Saturday mornings, my brother and I would go down to the German bakery for fresh bread.  On the way, we would pass a “Dr. Seuss”. I firmly believed that this  Dr. Seuss (a family doctor)  was my favorite author Dr. Seuss. So one morning I got up, grabbed my Dr. Seuss books, and went to visit the good ole’ Doc. Thankfully he was a very understanding old man and didn’t turn away this naive eight year- old. He told me he wasn’t the author Seuss, but he would read with me just the same. We read quite a few books that day.

On March 2nd, all across the world, we’ll be celebrating Dr. Seuss’s 105th birthday, along with the celebration of reading during Read Across America. This is one of my favorite days in schools, and I personally love the fact that Dr. Seuss is celebrated at the same time. He is the reason I love to read! I am tempted to take my son (Joey) out of school, drive down the road to Universal Studios to Seuss Landing and celebrate with them. It’s my favorite place to play in Universal.

But I’m a responsible parent, so we’ll take our trip on the weekend. In the meantime, I’ll find other learning activities for school or home, and what better place to find these activities than through netTrekker d.i. By using “Suess” as my key word I was able to find 40 results in elementary. My favorite website found there is Seussville. This weekend Joey and I created our own story using characters, backgrounds, and sounds from Seuss world. We also found a website that had Joey practicing his math facts with Dr. Seuss.

Dr. Seuss also explored politics in his writing.

Dr. Seuss also explored politics in his writing.

When Joey gets older, I can go to the middle school tab and type in Seuss to find 16 results or the high school tab to find 14 results. Among those results are sites showcasing the political side to Dr. Seuss books. Here’s a trivia question, which famous World War Two Leader was the basis for Yertle the Turtle? Social Studies Teachers studying World War Two could have students study the different leaders and try to deduce who the leader was. If you know the answer, leave it in a comment below.

So with that, I’ll leave you to netTrekker to explore.
Use Seuss as the search keyword to open the door.
More than lessons, games and resources you’ll find.
For one of the greatest authors of our time.

(I think I’ll stick to writing blogs
Instead of leaving my audience in a fog!)

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